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Emmett, a black alpaca, in the foreground and Jack, a grey alpaca, photo bombing from behind.


Age: 5
Birthday: September 9
You'll often see Emmett at off-farm events.
He's a lover and almost always wants to interact with people.

(Great photo bomb, Jack Jack!)

Jack Jack

Age: 5
Birthday: September 30
Jack Jack can be a little shy at first.
He always accompanies Emmett to events.
People say his eyes are his best feature.

Jack Jack, a grey alpaca in the yard.
Highness, a black alpaca with white on his neck, laying in the red barn.

His Royal Highness

Age: 9

Birthday: September 21

Color: Black with some white

Highness is from a Bolivian line. He's a good, mild-mannered alpaca who prefers to hang back and let the others interact with the public. He would rather lay out and sun himself in the pasture.

Highness's Shadow (aka "Buckshot")

Age: 3

Birthday: September 30

Color: True Black

Buckshot is a curious little cria. He likes to run and pronk (jump around) and he's pretty quick, which is how he got his nickname.

Buckshot is for sale - contact me if interested.

Buckshot as a 2-month old black alpaca.
Annie B, a black alpaca, in the barn with her friends.

Annie B

Age: 14

Birthday: September 29

Color: Black

Annie B is the matriarch of the group. She's a great mom and is always looking out for the little ones. She loves attention and her favorite is getting neck scratches.

Hue Jackman

Age: 3

Birthday: August 30

Color: Dark Rose Grey

Hue is the newest addition to our herd. He's inquisitive and a little shy. His fleece is amazing and I love the grey tips on his ears.

Hue, a dark rose grey alpaca.
Kerrigan, a black alpaca in the paddock.


Age: 6

Birthday: August 29

Color: Black

Kerrigan takes after her mom, Annie B. She loves to meet new people and is very inquisitive. She's one of the more laid back alpaca in the herd.

Preacher's Prologue

Age: 3

Birthday: July 3

Color: Black

Preacher's Prologue (we call him T.P. for short) came along with Hue. He's still figuring things out at the farm and prefers to stand back until he sees everything is okay. He loves laying outside in the rain!

TP, a black alpaca, in the pasture.
Koalie, a black alpaca, in the barn.

Kodiak's Nikoal

Age: 4

Birthday: August 14

Color: Black

Kodiak's Nikoal, or Koaly for short, is the newest girl to join our herd. She's a little smaller than the other alpaca, but she's very friendly and very curious—always checking out anyone new who comes to visit.

Prince Amir

Age: 1

Birthday: June 21

Color: Black

Prince Amir was born on the longest day of summer (great job mama Kerrigan!). He's still figuring things out but has a lot of spunk and is very curious. Can't wait to see him grow!

Prince Amir, a black alpaca, laying on the ground when 2 days old.
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