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Shesa Classy Ticket

Age: 13

Birthday: July 20

Height: 28.5"

We call her Classy, for short (no pun intended). She's a relaxed, laid back girl who loves to be brushed and will let you pet her for hours.


Age: 2

Birthday: February 15

Height: 27"

Mitzie is the smallest of the herd, but she doesn't see it that way. She's Muffin's #2 and will follow me around whenever there's work to be done.


Magic Muffin

Age: 3

Birthday: April 10

Height: 27.5"

Muffin has been appointed leader of the herd (or at least that's how she'd put it). When we go for walks, she likes to jog along with me.

Miss Arabella T

Age: 12

Birthday: August 6

Height: 28.5"

Miss Arabella is blind in one eye, but she doesn't let that stop her. If you sit in one place, she'll come to you for some attention.

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