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Meet the Girls

These two girls are a main part of the family. Both were rescues and both have shown tremendous improvement after coming to the house. You can read about their individual stories below. And check out Bill, the newest addition to the pack! He's still getting settled in but doing very well.

Rescue dog

Meet Peaches

Age: 12 years

Breed: Min-pin / Dachshund mix

Birthday: September 19

Favorite Food: Green beans

I was at an event at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, when I walked by this sweet girl in a small kennel. I immediately told an employee I wanted to take her home. We sat in a room to get to know each other and she wanted nothing to do with me. In fact, for a couple weeks after she came home with me she wanted nothing to do with me. Turns out she was not well taken care of and had been bred several times before she was two. When the owners realized they couldn't make money with her, they left her all alone. 

Now, she's the Mama of all the critters around the farm. When we brood ducks, she's right there to make sure they're doing well. When we do chores, she follows along to check on the alpaca and say hi to the pigs. Everything has to be checked up on and if there's a problem, she's the first to let me know. She's come a long way and is a different (and better) dog than when I found her.


Meet Geraldine

Age: A Lady never tells

Breed: Min-pin / Dachshund mix

Birthday: November 26

Favorite Food: "Can I have that?"

Geraldine wants to tell it her way, so....

My name's Geraldine, but you can call me Geri. I used to live in Texas, where life was difficult and people were very mean to me. I was always scared and didn't want to see another person ever again. I decided I needed a new start, so I came to Minnesota and stayed with a nice lady who gave me food and my own space. Sometimes people would come to meet me but I didn't really like any of them. Until one day a person came in with another dog who looked kind of like me.


I always wanted a big sister, so even though I was scared, I went home with them. It was difficult at first because I wasn’t used to good attention, so I just stayed on the back of the couch and watched what everyone was doing. After a couple months I would go outside with my big sis and she would teach me everything I needed to know to run a hobby farm. And there was so much to do! I don’t know how she managed on her own.


Now I help every day. We check on the alpaca to make sure no squirrels are bothering them. And make sure the two pigs are all set (sometimes they need me to keep an eye out while they nap). Then there’s the ducks. They get lost and wander up to the house and I have to tell them, “No, ducks. Not by the house.” Then they go back to the pond. It’s a lot of work, but I love patrolling the farm with my big sis. If life is a lottery, then I’ve definitely hit the Family Jackpot!

Bill, a black and brown Miniature Pinscher dog.

Meet Bill

Age: 5 years

Breed: Min-pin mix

Arrival Day: April 28

Bill arrived in Minnesota from Texas. Like many, he had a difficult life but is working at his own pace to find his way back to being a mentally healthy dog. He's excited to have two new sisters. Of course, Peach being the mama of everyone, she has worked to make him feel right at home. More updates on Bill as he gets settled in and acclimates to his new life.

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