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Ski & Snowboard Socks

Ski & Snowboard Socks

Made using medium-thick fibers, getting as a result a light and soft pair of socks when it gets in contact with the feet. It is padded from the tip of the foot to the leg. It has holes in strategic parts of the socks to keep the feet dry and fresh, the tiny holes allow the evaporation of the sweat. It has 2 elastic bands that prevent the movement of the socks to avoid skin irritations and grazes. This type of socks has thermal properties since it has microscopic air bubbles that allow it to be used in different weather conditions while keeping the body temperature regardless of the external weather conditions.


Size: S/M (Mens 5-8.5; Womens 5-9.5) and L/XL (Mens 9-14; Womens 10-12)

Materials: 62% Alpaca / 26% Acrylic / 5% Spandex / 4% Nylon / 3% Elastic

Color: Red/Grey, Blue/Grey

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